Our Board

LuEllen Childress, Chair pro Tem, Executive Director and Chair, Research Committee

Jean Robinson, Vice Chair

Travis Murray, Treasurer

Carrie Barker, Secretary

Larry Knox, Chair, Business Committee

Daniel D. Gottlieb, OD, FAAO, FCOVD

Raymond L Gottlieb, OD, Ph.D., FCOVD, FCSO

Marcia Moore, OD, FCOVD, ABO Diplomate

Jeff Clay, ex Officio, Aberdeen School District

Tracy Colburn, Ph.D., Ed.D., ex Officio, Nettleton School District

Shelly Collum, ex Officio, Monroe County School District

Laurenda Carmeans, ex Officio, Amory Independent School District

Ida Chung, OD, MSHE, Research Liaison to partner Western University College of Optometry (not a Director)

Carrie Barker


Carrie Ann Barker serves as the Secretary for the Monroe County Children’s Vision Clinic.  She moved to Monroe County as a young child and considers Aberdeen her home.  She is married to Phil Barker,  realtor and cattleman.  They have two children, Elizabeth “Beth” Mobley and Brett Barker, and two grandchildren.  Carrie Ann has worked 27 years and continues employment with the U.S. Federal Courts as a Data Quality Analyst II.  Her previous employment was with the State of Mississippi (Monroe County) Department of Human Services where she served in various positions.  While serving the children of Monroe County through her work in human services, Carrie Ann was also a member of the Aberdeen Junior Auxiliary where she served as treasurer and became a Life Member.   Carrie Ann attended Mississippi University for Women and studied business.  She was a member and held office in the Lockheart Social Club.  Carrie Ann studied piano through private lessons beginning at age 6, and she currently accompanies the congregation and choir of the First Christian Church.  Carrie Ann is an member of First Christian  and is active in the ladies group.   Carrie Ann’s hobbies include spending time with her grandchildren, attending sporting events with family, attending movies, theater productions and concerts, and playing the piano.  Carrie Ann’s enjoys the beach as her favorite vacation spot.

Daniel D. Gottlieb


Dr. Dan serves Eminence Family Eyecare on a consultation basis. He utilizeshis expertise to solve complex problems. As a consultant to other physicians, he visits individuals in hospitals, universities, rehabilitation centers, and homes.

Dr. Dan Gottlieb is an inventor, author, and teacher. Board Certifications and honors include: Fellow of the American Academy of Optometry, Fellow of the College of Optometrists in Vision Development, and Distinguished member of the National Academies of Practice. He is a founding member of the multidisciplinary organization Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation Association, NORA, Int. (NORA.CC). Dr. Dan is a specialist in low-vision, vision rehabilitation, and neuro-optometric rehabilitation.

He has keen insights and understands the challenges many face with loss of vision and motor skills. Important issues of safety, getting back to work, and driving, are keys to independence. He understands disability and its emotional, physical, and financial challenges. Dr. Gottlieb’s Vision is helping people, creating independence, enhancing functions, preserving health, and preventing secondary injuries and disability whenever possible.

He has unique insights for infants, children and adults in vision-related learning disorders, and acquired visual disorders from neurological insult such as traumatic brain injury (TBI), concussion, or stroke. He understands visual field loss and sensory inattention, also called “visual neglect.” He also has a lifetime of experiences with visual disorders of lifesaving treatments in prematurity including complications of retinopathy and cortical visual impairment.