When funded, CVC will be based in Amory, Monroe County’s most central location. Currently, the official corporate office address is the home of our Executive Director.

As soon as the first year’s funding is secured, we can hire our first doctor. While we are actively seeking grants, your contribution will make the biggest difference! The doctor(s) we hire will need to fulfill certain qualifications, including have passed the Certifying Examination by the College of Optometrists in Vision Development (COVD) or actively on track to do so within a year. The doctor(s) must also love children, be mission-minded and research-oriented, and come highly recommended.

CVC is unique.  Visual disorders are complicated, involving the eyes and/or the brain. Such disorders can only be resolved by specially trained Developmental Optometrists, which CVC’s doctors will be, and Irlen Diagnosticians.  By combining the traditional approaches, CVC intends to optimize patients’ restoration by matching different classical therapies to a certain symptom set.  We’ll collect data from each patient, in line with pre-established research goals and guidelines, presenting our findings to other specialists. This way, we hope to diagnose patients more efficiently and  optimize their chances of a full recovery.   We are also honored to have the College of Optometry, Western University of Health Sciences (WUCO) as our first academic research partner.

While every individual displays different symptoms, some of the most common include difficulty copying things from the chalk/white-board, having to re-read content to make sense of it, “jumping” letters or wiggling words on a page, difficulty retaining and recalling information, lazy attitude, clumsiness, and more. BVD sufferers are often misdiagnosed with ADD or ADHD. New babies can even be born with vision disorders, but early detection can optimize the chances of healthy vision development. CVC aims to work with parents to empower children by developing normal eyesight and a brighter future.

To be able to care for patients without charge, we will seek funding through grant applications to major funding sources like foundations and philanthropists. Grants will be obtained for research projects and we are confident that families who can afford the care will come alongside CVC.  Other resources include online crowdfunding campaigns (I.e.Facebook, Plumfund and our web page), specific research organizations, periodic community fundraisers, appeals for support through Amazon Smile, and gifts from donors and patients’ families.

Since Monroe County’s median household income is <$37K, for many families in Northeast Mississippi the cost of vision therapy plus travel and time away from work is just not affordable.  Our mission as a nonprofit is to make a difference in as many lives as possible. Private care for vision/visual processing disorders  starts at $6K - $7K and may go much higher. Also, Mississippi Medicaid does not yet recognize vision disorders and therefore insurance companies do not cover it either. Our mission is to fill the gap families can’t!

CONTRIBUTE! You can also ask your employer if the company provides matching funds for charitable contributions. Why not visit our Plumfund page online, “Helping Children’s Eyes Work Together,” and make a secure contribution there in minutes? You can pledge once or monthly, and don’t forget to spread the word with friends and family. Remember to register with Amazon Smile too, and 0.5% of all authorized purchases will be donated to CVC at no extra cost to you!